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Is Tom Brady still “all-in”? Todd Bowles: “He’s been all in since we got him”

The Buccaneers sit six days away from their first game of the 2022 regular season. With the fumes of quarterback Tom Brady‘s 11-day training-camp hiatus still lingering, it’s inevitable that

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New hormone therapies before surgery may improve outcomes in high-risk prostate cancer

For high-risk patients with prostate cancer, treatment with novel hormonal agents (NHAs) followed by surgery can reduce the risk of recurrent and progressive cancer, compared to initial treatment with surgery.

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Stocks jump as growth shares lead; 2-year U.S. yields hit 14-year highs

Global stocks rallied on Friday, led by technology and growth shares, and interest-rate sensitive two-year U.S. Treasury yields hit more than 14-year highs as investors digested the view that more

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Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is small-screen high fantasy done right

It almost never bodes well when a studio leads with its desire for a new project to become the Next Big Thing™ the way Amazon has with its ultra-expensive Lord

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Crumbling house buried under an overgrown jungle sells for double its price estimate

A crumbling home with damp walls and desperate need of TLC has shockingly sold for double its price estimate on auction. The property first made the headlines last month when

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